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Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can be a nasty, unrelenting condition. Affecting the digestive system, it is commonly thought that IBS is caused by ‘an increased sensitivity’ of the gut. Although it can develop as a result of food poisoning or changes to the body’s ability to process food, the NHS Choices website also suggests that this increased sensitivity could be due to psychological factors.

While not implying that the condition is ‘all in the mind’, evidence does support the theory that stress and anxiety can play a significant role in triggering the symptoms.

It makes sense, therefore that finding ways to reduce stress and anxiety could alleviate this disorder and that’s what Shaan aims to do for his clients.

Using a treatment programme that is developed especially for the individual, Shaan helps clients identify and eliminate the root causes of their stress, shows them some safe and simple exercises to promote relaxation and teaches them the most effective ways to manage stress; combined, these could minimise future IBS flare-ups.

Once the session has ended, Shaan will equip clients with an MP3 audio track, personalised with information and insight that compounds what has taken place in the face-to-face appointment. Should clients require extra help on occasion, they also have access to Shaan’s unique out of hours support service.

How many sessions will I need?

We recommend three to four sessions as a minimum.