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Relax Your Way Out Of Anxiety

By May 10, 2014Stress



Those of you you who suffer from anxiety will really like this post. I’m going to share with you one of the key things that I have learned in my Harley Street Practice. Alot of the times when I do MP3 recordings to assist my private clientele it often amazes me how many of these recordings are essentially relaxation tracks. This got me thinking, I wonder whether the art of learning to relax and control one’s thoughts through using progressive relaxation techniques is perhaps the key to gaining some sort of mental calm in what otherwise is a chaotic and turbulent world.

I sometimes think of relaxation like a moutain stream gently meandering its way down to the sea. Along the way the stream turns into a raging river, dragging along rocks, boulders, sediment and other debris it picks up along the way. As it builds strength and momentum there are times when that river moves so fast it can seem out of control. Out of control, as it rages on down, taking what it will in its path. Soon the river nears the end of it’s journey. At times the river was calm and relaxed, at other times it was angry and full of turmoil not knowing how it was going to reach its destination.

When finally the river reaches its destination it slows and drops that load. It doesn’t need to carry all those rocks and boulders anymore. It can just let them go, releasing them easily from it’s hold. Gradually the river meanders and reaches the sea. It finally has reached the ocean of calmness it was looking for all that time ago.

Sometimes we are like a raging river. Our minds swirl and toss with thoughts, feelings and out of control emotions. At times it can seem we have our very own raging river inside of us, driving us to what we hope will be our destination. Along the way it can seem we are out of control and ploughing through life, picking up other people’s issues, fears and mis-conceptions of the world in which we live. If all that was needed was to find a different more gradual course to where we want to go, then wouldn’t that be something that would interest you?


That gradual course starts with relaxation. It starts by having a daily plan of action that enables you to spend just a few minutes practicing relaxation. Practice getting up in the morning and practicing your deep breathing. Focus on that breathing in and out, and as you do that you’ll begin to notice how much easier it is for you to quiet your mind. From this quiet mind, you can then more clearly drop your mental debris and begin to gradually train yourself to focus on success.