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Public Speaking

By October 10, 2017Treatments

Though some people thrive on the adrenalin rush that public speaking induces, using it to boost their performance, others will find themselves paralysed in front of a sea of unforgiving eyes – or at least, that’s the fear.

Whether it’s a college presentation, sales pitch or wedding speech, public speaking can place a great deal of pressure on an individual. The outcome is often very important, be it clinching a deal, scoring an ‘A plus’ or successfully embarrassing a groom in front of his new in-laws. It’s little wonder that the prospect of speaking in public causes anxiety in so many people.

As a qualified anxiety specialist, Shaan White combines several of the most effective techniques available to tackle this issue, expertly blending hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy into a treatment plan which is tailored to meet the individual client’s needs.

These techniques are successfully used to identify the root causes and remove any thought processes that could trigger fear.

By instilling clients with the belief that they can be a confident public speaker, Shaan teaches individuals that they can control and reduce their anxieties; leaving them feeling relaxed whether speaking in front of five or five hundred people.

To complement the sessions, each client will receive a personalised MP3 audio track from Shaan that further supports their treatment.

As public speaking can take place at the strangest times, clients will also have access to our exclusive and incredibly valuable out of hours telephone service. This could supply them with an extra boost of confidence to help them deliver an amazing speech.

How many sessions will I need?

To ensure the best possible long-term results, we recommend attending three or four private sessions.