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Overcome Stress Related IBS Today Using Hypnosis

By May 7, 2014Stress

In this post we will look at how to overcome stress related IBS using hypnosis and how it is possible with time to better manage your IBS. Here are some interesting stats about IBS:



1) IBS affects between 25 and 45 million people in the United States (10 to 15% of the population). About 2 in 3 IBS sufferers are female. About 1 in 3 IBS sufferers are male. IBS affects people of all ages, even children.


2) Worldwide it’s estimated that between 1 in 10 and nearly 1 in 4 people (9% to 23% of populations) has IBS.


Source: http://www.aboutibs.org/site/what-is-ibs/facts/

According to the latest medical knowledge on IBS most professionals agree that Stress itself does not cause IBS but it can definitely make the situation worse. IBS can start at any age but most medical experts tend to think it first becomes apparent in people aged 20-30 years of age.

The symptoms of IBS vary between each individual and in cases IBS can be wrongly diagnosed, especially with pregnant women. The difficulty in diagnosing IBS lies in the fact that medics still don’t fully understand what causes IBS. Some experts believe that IBS may be linked to a previous food related illness, or changes in the bodies ability to move food effectively through the gut.
It is also interesting to note that NHS choices say

‘The pain, discomfort and inconvenience of IBS can sometimes affect a person psychologically.

It is estimated that three out of four people with IBS will have at least one bout ofdepression, and just over half will developgeneralised anxiety disorder (a condition that can cause overwhelming feelings of anxiety, fear and dread)’.



When we use Hypnosis and combine that with releasing the tension and feelings associated with IBS it then becomes possible to positively manage your IBS. It is my belief that the body and the mind are both inextricably linked. An easy way to understand this is that a Depressed person always seems to get ill. A person who suffers from uncontrollable fear or anxiety before giving a presentation can increase their risk of getting an upset stomach.

In my sessions we look at installing positive and more beneficial beliefs about your stomach and get you to imagine your stomach working perfectly and easily. I have also found that many IBS sufferers I work with suffer from anxiety aand find it benficial to learn effective relaxation strategies. I also think that with most IBS sufferers the constant worry associated with going to the toilet can aggravate and enhance the belief that you have to worry about going to the toilet. It is important to remember that our minds are creative. If you believe something strongly enough then that is what is likely to happen to you.

It is far better to focus on the feelings of having a well working digestive system than a digestive system that is problematic. If you would like more information on how Hypnotherapy might help you then consider getting in touch using the contact form above. Thank you.

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