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While no one actively wishes to be unwell, there are some people whose fear of illness has taken control over their lives. More commonly known as hypochondria, those that suffer from a health anxiety hold a continual, irrational belief that they currently – or will in the future – suffer from a medical complaint.

It is a condition that can have serious repercussions on an individual’s life, stopping them from enjoying a fulfilling existence. It’s similarly a condition that can be passed along to young children – who may see a parent’s fear as natural and normal, thus developing the same anxieties.

Having successfully worked with anxious people for some time now, Shaan recognises that those with health fears require more than just simple reassurance, but that it’s important to eliminate the damaging thought processes which lead the individual to believe they are constantly ill in the first place.

Using a combination of hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and other cutting-edge techniques, Shaan expertly teaches clients how to release their anxieties. This leaves them feeling calm, confident and able to lead a satisfying life once again.

To compound what is learnt in the sessions, each client will be presented with a specially-tailored MP3 recording, packed with insight and guidance. They will also have access to Shaan’s exclusive out of hours support service, for those times when a little extra help is required.

How many sessions will I need?

Naturally, you may book as many sessions as you like though we would recommend at least three or four to ensure the best possible long-term results.