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Something that many people suffer from is odontophobia – better known as the fear of dentists or visiting a dentist. It’s incredibly common and is typically an issue that develops during childhood – perhaps as a result of observing a parent’s own dental anxiety or through hearing the sound of the drill when sitting in the waiting room.

Most odontophobes appreciate the importance of regular check-ups from a health perspective and yet their irrational fears – regardless of how sympathetic their dentist might be – can see them enduring painful toothaches and other oral complaints unnecessarily.

By using a combination of cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnosis and scientifically-tested mind development techniques, Shaan White can help clients overcome their phobia.

As specific issues vary from person to person, Shaan will develop a personalised programme which is appropriate for the client’s unique fears. His simple, safe techniques are designed to retune the mind and allow individuals to let go of any beliefs that perpetuate their dental anxiety.

Each client will receive a customised MP3 which reinforces the techniques and learnings delivered in the session, for that extra element of support.

What’s more, clients will have additional, exclusive access to our out of hours service which offers expert guidance and reassurance on the telephone – perfect for those seeking some support while waiting for their check-up.

How many sessions will I need?

Three or four sessions are recommended to achieve the greatest results, long-term.