Registered hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, Shaan White studied at the Adam Eason School of Hypnotherapy. He now practises out of the Harley Street Therapy Centre, known as ‘the home of therapeutic excellence’.

He works exclusively with people who suffer from fears, phobias and anxieties, plus any associated conditions, such as stress and panic attacks.

Shaan himself experienced several debilitating fears in his youth but discovered that many of the medical professionals he saw were not adequately equipped to help. It was at this point that Shaan realised that conventional methods of dealing with anxieties were not always the most effective. They largely failed to address the root cause of the problem and provided only a short-term solution.

Determined to identify a simple, effective way to fight his own fears, Shaan moved into teaching and found it boosted his confidence by forcing him to address some of his fears – including that of public speaking – head on. Years on, Shaan instils this same realisation of tackling fears head-on into his private clients, together with a strong belief for success. He believes that this technique is part of the reason why his clients achieve excellent results.

His approach revolves around identifying and tackling that root cause and promoting ways of erasing previously learned behaviours. Unlike many others in the field, Shaan acknowledges the simple fact that human beings are complex and have individual personalities. Consequently, he believes that creating a bespoke treatment plan is fundamental to achieving a successful outcome. Each is further complemented with a customised MP3, plus clients have use of an incredible and virtually unheard of out of hours support service, both of which are designed to help clients reach their goals.

Now an accredited hypnotherapist, Shaan divides his time between treating clients and offering his services to Anxiety UK, while writing guest blogs for Anxiety Social Net and Fear of Stuff. He loves to meet people and learn from others, and feels honoured to do the work he does.