Saw shaan with anxiety. I’ve seen a couple of other therapists before shaan, but he is different. He really took the time to listen and to genuinely care about how I felt. Within the first 10mins I felt my anxiety leave, after the 4th session I’m proud to say things have never been better. The relief his help has given me is priceless, I would definitely recommend. Thanks again.

Steve, Anxiety. Wahanada Review.

Overall I found that my experience with Shaan was very helpful in dealing with my anxiety and panic attacks. The style and manner in which the session was delivered really made you feel like he genuinely cared, and his whole approach was extremely professional.

Sonia, Panic Attacks/Anxiety.Wahanda Review.

The first thing I noticed when talking with Shaan was his re-assuring tone and demeanour. He really puts you at ease quickly and easily. I saw Shaan for anxiety related issues and although Shaan is not the cheapest around I was looking for someone who was an expert and could really help me out. Within the first 10 minutes of the hypnotherapy session I felt like a huge weight of anxiety had left me, allowing me for the first time in years to feel more relaxed and happy about myself.

Shannon, Anxiety.Wahanda Review.