Do you want to be free of your fear or phobia?

In this exciting book, hypnotherapy practitioner, Shaan White describes a simple, but effective ten-step process that can help you let go of any fear or phobia.

Overcome Fears and Phobias will take you by the hand and show you:

  • What fear is and why understanding this is necessary for you to drop the fear and move forwards in your life
  • Shaan’s top 10 tips for overcoming your fear or phobia today
  • The secret to using fear as a motivator
  • What you need to know to make sure you break through your fear

The book additionally provides exclusive access to hypnosis scripts dealing with  fear of spiders, of social situations and for mental turmoil that are usually reserved only for Shaan’s private clients.

Written in a clear and personable way, Overcome Fears and Phobias is the perfect resource for those seeking information in an understandable and easy to follow format. You really can blast through you fear or phobia.

Available in ebook, paperback or audio editions – buy now from Amazon.